Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thanks for the Feedback... (I Think!)

Author: Julia Cook

Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd

Publisher: Boys Town Press

Publication Year: 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1934490495

Thanks for the Feedback... (I Think!) represents another excellent story for gifted children.

In this story, RJ struggles to know exactly what to say when he receives compliments or criticism. With the help of his mom and dad, RJ learns the social skills he needs to accept compliments and criticism.

In this narrative nonfiction piece, illustrator Kelsey De Weerd has created illustrations that perfectly support the message Julia Cook has written for children. Julia Cook writes in a way that students can so easily understand her message and apply it to their own lives. 

This book has been honored by Mom's Choice Awards.

The story of RJ learning how to accept compliments and criticism can act as a social story for gifted students struggling with the same thing. Many gifted students grapple with perfectionism, and this story touches on that in such an easy-to-understand way.

In my classroom, I use this story in connection with goal setting. At the beginning of the year, we usually set goals in at least two areas as this is an important skill for students to learn and is a big push in my district. We read the story, talk about RJ's struggles and share any connections or "ah-has" we have, and then refer back to the story when we set and reflect on our goals.

We just finished mid-year goal setting in my classroom. To simplify it for second graders, I had them look back some work I had saved since the beginning of the year, note their specific improvements, and then set a new goal that they were responsible for tracking. Feel free to download the work reflection and goal setting sheets below.

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